1. Purchase

When ordering Spuhr i Dalby AB (Spuhr AB) confirm the order through an order confirmation, after that an agrement of purchase is reached. The order confirmation is generated automatically. If the deadline changes in the order, we will try to inform the customer.  Spuhr AB has ownership and withdrawal rights to all products until full payment has been paid by the customer. In order to shop with us, you must be 18 years.

2. Price

The prices do not include VAT [tax, customs, freight]. In the confirmation order, prices can only be changed by circumstances over which Spuhr AB has no control. For example, significantly changing commodity prices, currency fluctuations or a change of VAT. No service charge will be added.

3. Freight

A shipping charge will be added to the price, depending on shipping choice and weight of the parcel.

4. Payment Terms

4.1 PayPal

Pay your orders via your PayPal acount.

4.2 Payment by creditcard

Pay with VISA or by MasterCard.

5. Delivery Time

Goods in stock are normally shipped within 3 working days after we receive your order and payment is done. In cases where a product must be ordered from a supplier delivery times may be longer.

6. Delivery Delay

Sometimes there are delays in delivery beyond our control. For example, it can occur when a supplier cannot meet its delivery obligations to us. If this happens, we disclaim any liability to the customer for the damage that the delay achieved.

7. Damaged gods

When you receive your item it is important to immediately inspect the package. If the content happens to be damaged please indicate this in at your post center, or directly to the carrier. Always keep the confirmation you receive on your damaged goods. If it occurs we are grateful if you notify us immediately. But latest within a week (send a mail to order@spuhr.com)          

8. Right of Withdrawal and Return of Products

You may cancel your Order at any time up to the end of the fourteenth (14) Working Day from the date the Goods have been received

To cancel your Order you must notify us in writing (which includes letter, fax or email). The sum debited to us from your credit or debit card will be re-credited to the same card within 30 days of your cancellation notice.

The Goods in question must be returned to us within 14 days of your cancellation notice. Unless the Goods are faulty, We shall be entitled to recover any direct costs of having to recover the Goods from you and/or any depreciation in value of the goods due to use, and may set such costs off against the amount to be re-credited to you.

9. Consumer Complaints

If you wish to return a damaged or incorrect product, please contact us via email or telephone within a week. Always save packaging, original box and payment confirmation. If you are returning damaged goods to us, the easiest way is to ship it back in the same packaging it was sent out in.

10. Reservation

We reserve the right for changes in prices due to large price deviations from our suppliers, typos or other errors that are beyond our control. Read more about exceptions during Force Majeure below.

Force Majeure

Neither party shall be liable to the other for any failure to perform any of its obligations (except payment obligations) under this Agreement during any period in which such performance is delayed by circumstances beyond its reasonable control, such as fire, flood, war, embargo, strike, riot, or the intervention of any governmental authority (a "Force Majeure"). In such event, however, the delayed party must promptly provide the other party with written notice of the Force Majeure. The delayed party's time for performance will be excused for the duration of the Force Majeure, but if the Force Majeure event lasts longer than 30 days, then the other party may immediately terminate, in whole or in part, this Agreement or the applicable Service Agreement by giving written notice to the delayed party.